Greg Gutfeld in his Greg-alogue, opening Monologue or Rant on the show Red Eye the other night said “Atheism is like Windows Vista denying the existence of Microsoft.” He then paused for effect. I wouldn’t really call that praising God but at least he acknowledged his belief in the Almighty, something that seems rare in the world today, especially by a TV personality.  That just made me like the show all the more.  Don’t get me wrong I do not stay up till 1 am my time to get my Bible lesson from Greg or Red Eye, but it was nice to here.  Most people would not consider Red Eye a news program but more of a comedy show, and they defiantly have the comedy down, it’s laugh out loud funny.  By my measure they tell more honest news on their show in one hour, than the other networks with their spin do in a whole day of news, all put together!