Noises from Mine  CNN  Lets hope and Pray †

Hostage Talks End Without Any Breakthrough  Korean Times  I personally didn’t expect lying bastards to be truthful

Powerful 7.9 Mag. Earthquake in Peru 337+ Dead  FOX  So many tragedies worldwide, Pray

Villagers Fight off Animals in Flood hit  S.Asia  Reuters  Death toll over 100, Pray for these people †

Iran’s Rev. Guard, which faces U.S. financial sanctions as “terrorist organization,”   Washington Times  Finally the U.S. takes action against these killers

U.S. Led Op. in Tora Bora  FOX  Root out the Evil bastards

The messiah Obama says Bush NOT Solely to Blame  AP  WHAT!, No. I did not read that, He just lost the far left loons 

Principal Not Kosher: Muslim “They didn’t hire an Arab principal [for] a Chinese school. It doesn’t make any sense.”  NYPost  It would be comical if it was not so dangerous, opening up a HATE madrassa in N.Y.City using your TAX Dollars

Dean looks Mean Local 6 We don’t need this

Are all these disasters Biblical?

Idiot Box is talking about floods that Might come from the rain that Might come.  I am not blind, I see the rain and also pray for TX. people, because I know from first hand account, There are no people on earth as giving as Texans !