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While you celebrate, remember what the day is for.

I have been stirred from my slumber, it seems common sense is on the rise which means political correctness is starting its decline, hopefully.  With much of the thanks going to people like the “Texas Wildman,” as he refers to himself today.

A hypothetical voyage

My ship is sturdy and well maintained.

My crew is the best — tough, rugged, jacks of all trades.

As for me, as captain of my hypothetical ship, it is my duty to study conditions in all the geographical zones, and keep in constant touch with my government agencies so that I can avoid dangerous conditions, whether they be weather or otherwise.

For example, self defense being the most basic of human instincts, no individual, much less a ship cruising international waters in these uncertain times, would ever accept the irresponsible condition of unarmed helplessness.

So, as captain, I take steps to adequately protect myself, my crew, my cargo.

As other countries insanely emboldened pirates by paying their ransoms, we’ve all known it would just be a matter of time before these punk gangs would attack a ship sailing under the American flag.

We know that. Bring it.

Each man under my command has his own M16 and 2,000 rounds of ammo. Every third sailor is also equipped with a standard M37 grenade launcher attached to his M16 with a gross of grenades. And these boys are all0American Sgt. York sniper marksmen, I assure you. We are not all Navy SEALs, but we try.

We have diligently trained to keep a 10-man rotating 24-hour red alert watch detail. Any vessel approaching within 1,000 yards will trigger an “all hands on deck” alarm and the firing of one 20-round burst. Then if it does not turn back, our ship will literally blow it out of the water.

Just as God gave us the individual right to bear arms to protect one’s self, so my ship is protected. A flag flies under our American flag with a coiled yellow snake and the words, ”Don’t tread and me.” Not only is it a cool phrase, we actually mean it.

I cannot fathom the soulless mind-set of choosing unarmed helplessness. It goes against the very pulse of mankind.  Read the rest…


garbo1.jpgBorn on this day September 18, 1905 in Stockholm, Sweden as Greta Lovisa Gustafsson to Anna Lovisa Johansson and Karl Alfred Gustafsson who died when she was only fourteen years old.  The loss of her father forced Greta and her two siblings to quit school and go to work to help out the family, she started work as a lather girl in a barbershop, then as a clerk at a department store and was soon modeling in newspaper ads for that store.  This led to some advertising films, then to her first real film role in the movie Peter The Tramp in 1922.  In the next two years she would gain acting experience with her study at the Royal Dramatic Theatre in Stockholm, have a major role in the film, Gosta Berlings Saga in 1924 and get her stage name, Greta Garbo.  She then starred in two more Swedish films, then one in Germany, The Joyless Street in 1925 at the age of eighteen.  Greta would make it to the United States of America and star in a few more silent films, the best known of these, Flesh and the Devil in 1926, The Temptress in 1926 and Love in 1927.  She was a huge success when “talkie” movies started and she would not be one of the many silent film stars left behind, her last silent film was The Kiss in 1929.  Garbo’s low husky voice with her Swedish accent was first heard in the movie Anna Christie in 1930, which was promoted with the slogan “Garbo Talks.”  She would get nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress for her performance.  Also in 1930, she filmed the movie Romance and then in 1931 the movie Susan Lenox with Clark Gable which led to her title role in mata-hari.jpgMata Hari also in 1931.  She would show another great performance in the hit movie Grand Hotel in 1932 which won the Best Picture Oscar. In 1935 she made the movie Anna Karenina and gave the performance of a lifetime, until she starred in Camille in 1936 and her performance was called by some the finest ever recorded on film.  She stared in the movie Ninotchka in 1939 before making her last film in 1941, Two Faced Woman.  After World War II Greta would retire and felt her films had their rightful place in history.  She became a naturalized citizen of the United States of America in 1951.  Greta Garbo was ranked as the fifth greatest female star of all time by the American Film Institute.  She was given an Honorary Oscar “for her unforgettable screen performances” in 1955.  At the age of eighty-four Greta died on April 15, 1990.– There are two quotes I found from many that I think sum up the toughness, Greta must have had to have, to be the huge star she was, always in the public eye, never left alone.  Her quotes also show the loneliness that must also come with that kind of fame.  “There are many things in your heart you can never tell a person.  They are you, your private joys and sorrows, and you can never tell them.  You cheapen yourself, the inside of yourself, when you tell them.”  and  “Life would be so wonderful if we only knew what to do with it.” Greta Garbo


James Marshall Hendrix was born November 27, 1942 and died this day September 18, 1970.  You won’t find to many people that will argue that he was the greatest guitar player of all time. Thanks to a610 for the All Along The Watchtower video.  It’s just one of my many favorites.  Another one is pretty rare, it’s before the experience when he was with Lonnie Youngblood, its called She’s a Fox.  It’s a bit different, you can listen to it by scrolling down on the left in the black BOX.  You can also hear Bold as Love in that BOX. Tighten up your headband! enjoy


After his space ship crashes on a deserted island, Tony (Larry Hagman) finds an ancient looking bottle and out pops a gorgeous genie named Jeannie (Barbara Eden).  Jeannie had been trapped in her bottle for 2500 years and was more than excited and grateful to be released.  She blinks a helicopter into existence, Tony gets rescued and later he finds out he was not dreaming, Jeannie was real and wants to live with him.  I could never understand why Tony saw Jeannie as a problem but then again, I’m no poof, as they say across the pond.  As a young man watching this show growing up, how I wished I would have had a Jeanie.  I wouldn’t have even cared if she didn’t have any magical powers, although that would make things a lot more interesting.  The first show aired on this day September 18, 1965.  The first video from beachranger9847 is a short scene from the classic first episode, the second video from rangernomad001 shows Barbara Eden’s beauty.  My Barbara Eden post.  enjoy!