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I remember the movie years ago but had no idea of the actual car.  No, the actual car did not fly around or have any other magical powers, except unheard of speed for that time.  The car was actually a number of 6 cylinder English racing cars built on Mercedes chassis from the 1920s.  They were built and raced by Count Louis Zborowski and his engineer Clive Gallop. Although I found no mention of this in any of the articles I read, according to on this day August 23, 1922 the 23 liter car won the first Southsea Speed Carnival in England at 73.1 mph.  The articles have a great deal more information, with pictures and tell of the rich history of these race cars, including speeds a lot faster than the 73.1 mph mentioned above.  I can see by the antics of Zboorowski’s team like a wood stove chimney cap on the top of the exhaust pipe (photo in article) may have inspired Ian Fleming to write the novel that led to the movie and musical.  The name Chitty Chitty Bang Bang in the movie was said to have come from the noise the car made.  In reality it is thought that it comes from a World War I song about Officers based in France that would get a weekend pass or “chit” that they would use to visit Paris and “enjoy the favors of the ladies”, hence “Chitty Bang Bang.”  Brooklands Society, British Motor Manufacturers, British Motor Manufacturers Higham Special, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang


I was surfing the net and ran into my Grandfather, no actually I ran into this article at LiveScience about Time travel and the new concepts and theoretical forms of matter, ect, ect. I’m rambling, but the article was interesting and at the bottom there is a link to a short movie.  Worth a look.

“We know that bending does happen all the time, but we want the bending to be strong enough and to take a special form where the lines of time make closed loops,”

Last week I read a couple of  articles and Here, on the net about the Russian Government selling some 250 Sukhoi-30 Long Range Fighter Jets to the Iranian Government.  The SU- 30 is not even close to the best Jet Russia has to offer, we should be glad Russia did not sell them any of the SU-47’s, well it wasn’t reported in the news anyway, but who really knows what Russia is selling the Iranians?   The SU -47 is one wicked looking jet fighter.  It’s just comforting to know that The United States has had a forward swept wing jet since 1984, the U.S. X – 29 below and who knows what else our government has in the works to protect our great country.  Unfortunately, the reality is that even our own forward swept wing U.S. X -29 was based on a Jet from World War II, the Junkers Ju 287 which was a German Luftwaffe aircraft begun in early 1943 and had it’s test flight on August 16, 1944.  It was a sort of Frankenstein’s monster, pieced together from several diffent aircraft. Including the nose wheels from two B-24 Liberators, a fuselage of an He 177 and the tail was constructed of Ju 388 parts.  Even then, the Soviets were closer to that project than the Americans.  The Germans had made 17 test flights with the Ju 287 V1 before the allies overran the testing airfield and captured the V1 and the nearly complete V2, and who do you think flew the V2?  Correct, the Soviet Union made a test flight in 1947, and the V3 with improvements failed to get off the drawing board.  My point isn’t that because these jets have forward swept wings it somehow makes them any more lethal, but you have to admit it does make them look futuristic, even if the design does go all the way back to 1943.  Thanks to Realpolitik1776 for the video.



Noises from Mine  CNN  Lets hope and Pray †

Hostage Talks End Without Any Breakthrough  Korean Times  I personally didn’t expect lying bastards to be truthful

Powerful 7.9 Mag. Earthquake in Peru 337+ Dead  FOX  So many tragedies worldwide, Pray

Villagers Fight off Animals in Flood hit  S.Asia  Reuters  Death toll over 100, Pray for these people †

Iran’s Rev. Guard, which faces U.S. financial sanctions as “terrorist organization,”   Washington Times  Finally the U.S. takes action against these killers

U.S. Led Op. in Tora Bora  FOX  Root out the Evil bastards

The messiah Obama says Bush NOT Solely to Blame  AP  WHAT!, No. I did not read that, He just lost the far left loons 

Principal Not Kosher: Muslim “They didn’t hire an Arab principal [for] a Chinese school. It doesn’t make any sense.”  NYPost  It would be comical if it was not so dangerous, opening up a HATE madrassa in N.Y.City using your TAX Dollars

Dean looks Mean Local 6 We don’t need this

Are all these disasters Biblical?

Idiot Box is talking about floods that Might come from the rain that Might come.  I am not blind, I see the rain and also pray for TX. people, because I know from first hand account, There are no people on earth as giving as Texans !

Drug cartel terrorist ties known since 2001  Washington Times  WTF, when will we seal the border and stop the threat to our citizens?

Taliban demanding $0.5 million for each remaining hostage, 19 being held, two men killed and two women freed ransom demanded $10 million   Korea Times   Just pure Evil

Hurricane Flossie Downgraded to Cat. 2  AP  have your swim flippers ready Kini

Quake shake things before Flossie’s arrival  CNN  Akua or Kapua (Hawaiian gods) must be pissed about something 

Operation Lightning Hammer targets Al-Qaeda and Iranian Shiite militias in Iraq  FOX  it’s about Time the US gets these killers

Syrian general mulling war with Israel  YNet  I told you yesterday that they are preparing for something, evil bastards

The Idiot Box is looking OK, They seem to be covering about 3 stories that they keep looping the same footage of. News for the Zombie in all of us


They are tamer, smaller and they have a mild temperament compared to other Asian elephants.  DNA tests confirm they are a new species, the Borneo “Pygmy Elephants.”  The Borneo pygmy elephant is slightly smaller than mainland Asian elephants, that stand 6.6 to 9.8 feet at the shoulder and weigh 2.25 to 5.5 tons, and African elephants stand 8.2 to 13 feet tall and weigh 2.5 to 7 tons.  September 3, 2003 WWF-Malaysia chairman Tengku Zainal Adlin congratulated the Sabah Wildlife Department on the discovery of the new variety.  Tengku Zainal said in a statement that the elephants were a distinct subspecies and had different characteristics from their cousins found on mainland Asia and Sumatra.  Read the rest of this entry »