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After his space ship crashes on a deserted island, Tony (Larry Hagman) finds an ancient looking bottle and out pops a gorgeous genie named Jeannie (Barbara Eden).  Jeannie had been trapped in her bottle for 2500 years and was more than excited and grateful to be released.  She blinks a helicopter into existence, Tony gets rescued and later he finds out he was not dreaming, Jeannie was real and wants to live with him.  I could never understand why Tony saw Jeannie as a problem but then again, I’m no poof, as they say across the pond.  As a young man watching this show growing up, how I wished I would have had a Jeanie.  I wouldn’t have even cared if she didn’t have any magical powers, although that would make things a lot more interesting.  The first show aired on this day September 18, 1965.  The first video from beachranger9847 is a short scene from the classic first episode, the second video from rangernomad001 shows Barbara Eden’s beauty.  My Barbara Eden post.  enjoy!


 Thanks to Thepowesurge for this video.

Thanks to Greathall75 for this video.

On this day September 16, there were two television shows that started, one was in 1963 and the other was in 1977.  Do you remember them, as I think back I liked both of them.  Although now they seem slow like most older movies or shows in this fast world we live in today.  They seem a bit queer too.  In the first one the alien must have been talking about Democrats!

BB King was born Riley B. King on this day September 16, 1925 in Itta Bena, Mississippi.  The reality that you can still see a legend live in person, like BB King is just mind blowing, and he play’s a lot of shows.  So get out there and see this man, he is awesome in concert!  Rolling Stone Magazine in its 2003 listing has BB King as the third Greatest Guitar player of all time.  First and second is Jimi Hendrix and Duane Allman.  From my calculations he is 43 years old in this video but he sure looks a lot younger then that.  Thanks to brucutu30 for the cool Jazz Blues.  Here is BB King, King of the Blues with Sonny Freeman- Drums, James Toney- Organ, Mose Thomas- Trumpet and Lee Gatling on Sax in 1968 on Ralph Gleason’s Jazz Casual. enjoy!

You’ve probably heard the rumors months ago and already heard that they were confirmed day’s ago.  The three remaining members Page, Plant and Jones are getting back together with the son of John Bonham on drums, Jason Bonham.  I’m not expecting all that much from the music but you have to admit, it will be history in the making.  Besides it gives me an excuse to ROCK.  So here is Led Zeppelin with a (3 part) solo by John Bonham playing Moby Dick!  NOW THIS IS ROCK AND ROLL  Thanks to shumpy for the three videos.  Awesome

Very freaky, this will blow your mind. It was on “Americas got Talent” show.  This one is hard to figure out.  Thanks to cockneychamer for the video.

Thanks to radiofreebc for this awesome time lapse video of Panama Canal Crossing Running time 1:52

canal.jpgBack in 1534 Charles V Holy Roman Emperor and King of Spain was the first to suggest a shipping canal in Panama to ease travel to and from Ecuador and Peru.  In 1698 the Kingdom of Scotland and its Darien scheme, an attempt at an overland trade route across the isthmus of Panama failed and was abandoned in 1700 due to the harsh and inhospitable conditions of the area.  The route of the canal that would later be built, had a lot to do with the route of the Panama Railway that had its opening in 1855.  The railroad was a success and increased trade greatly across the isthmus.  The French made an attempt at building a canal between 1881 and 1889 but the difficulty of a sea level canal and the high toll of mosquito born diseases, such as malaria and yellow fever had quite a toll on the employees of the project.  It is estimated that as many as 22,000 workers died during the main period of construction.   After helping Panama achieve independence from Colombia, the United States, under Theodore Roosevelt bought out the French excavation and equipment and began work on May 4, 1904.  The Americans gradually replaced the French machinery with equipment of a larger scale that quickened construction.  With disease under control due to recent discoveries and health measurements that were implemented, the construction of an elevated canal with locks started to see progress.  In 1907 U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt appointed George Washington Goethals as chief engineer and the canal was completed ahead of its target date of June 1, 1916.  panamacanaldiagram.jpgThe Panama Canal officially opened on this day August 15, 1914.  Even with the advancement of knowledge in disease control, many workers still lost their lives, the death toll between 1904 and 1914 was around 27,500.  canal museum