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You’ve probably heard the rumors months ago and already heard that they were confirmed day’s ago.  The three remaining members Page, Plant and Jones are getting back together with the son of John Bonham on drums, Jason Bonham.  I’m not expecting all that much from the music but you have to admit, it will be history in the making.  Besides it gives me an excuse to ROCK.  So here is Led Zeppelin with a (3 part) solo by John Bonham playing Moby Dick!  NOW THIS IS ROCK AND ROLL  Thanks to shumpy for the three videos.  Awesome


Rachel Claire Ward was born on this day September 12, 1957 at Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire, UK.  She is a former top fashion model, television and film star, a writer, and director.  Rachel is probably best known for her television mini series The Thorn Birds, some lovie dovie show my Mom couldn’t miss an episode of, back in 1983.  She has done many films from the late 1970’s to just last year in 2006.  Some include Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid with Steve Martin in 1982, Sharky’s Machine with Burt Reynolds in 1982, The Final Terror 1983, Against All Odds 1984 and Double Obsession in 1994 to name a few.  Ward married actor Bryan Brown who she met while making the movie The Thorne Birds in 1983, they played opposite each other in the movie The Good Wife in 1987.  Rachel and Bryan have three children, two girls and a boy.  Rachel is now directing short films in Australia.


chrissie.jpgCrissie Hynde born today, well not today but on this day September 7, 1951.  Here is the Pretenders with one of, if not the most popular songs they ever performed.  Brass in Pocket.  I’ve always liked the Pretenders and especially Crissie, she has a voice like Natalie Merchant who was with 10,000 maniacs.  Not that they sound alike but no matter what they both sing, I have always enjoyed it.  When I’m in a mellow music mode of course.  Very cool car in the video.  Thanks to heatherashio101 for the video.  enjoy


On this day August 30, 1968 The Beatles released the song “Hey Jude” with Apple Records for the first time. Have you ever heard it?  Thanks to mukkymukk for the video.

On this day August 29, 1970 The Kinks released their hit song “Lola.”  From my memory the song was a little different with it’s punkish riffs and beat but was somehow accepted, while most other punk bands failed to turn heads of the regular Rock and Roller like myself.  Little did we know, even though all you needed to do was listen to the lyrics, that the song was about a transvestite, which was a good thing, because the Kinks fans that I knew, were not the type to except a song about no he-she.  Ray Davies wrote the lyrics after their manager got drunk at a club and started dancing with what he thought was a woman.  Thanks to Clausule for the video.