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James Marshall Hendrix was born November 27, 1942 and died this day September 18, 1970.  You won’t find to many people that will argue that he was the greatest guitar player of all time. Thanks to a610 for the All Along The Watchtower video.  It’s just one of my many favorites.  Another one is pretty rare, it’s before the experience when he was with Lonnie Youngblood, its called She’s a Fox.  It’s a bit different, you can listen to it by scrolling down on the left in the black BOX.  You can also hear Bold as Love in that BOX. Tighten up your headband! enjoy


f-86-sabre.jpgThe F-86 Sabre started out as a straight wing jet fighter, the XJ Fury.  Incorporating technologies captured from the Germans, the F-86 Sabre would be the first swept-wing jet fighter for the US.  Because the pilot had to be in visual contact to shoot the enemy down with six 50 caliber machine guns, the F-86 was known as the last true dogfighter.  On October 1, 1947 the F-86 made its first flight and was delivered to the Air Force in 1948 and on this day September 15, 1948 an F-86A set the world aircraft speed record of 1080 kph.  The F-86 would rule “Mig Alley” over the Russian Mig-15 when it was introduced into the Korean conflict.  This jet is my personal favorite of all jets, although I am partial to the World War II fighters such as the Mustang. Thanks to fastfreddycz for a very good video.  This beautiful photo below is by Stuart Haigh at Top Jet Pix



This day September 4, 1957 was proclaimed, E -Day by The Ford Motor Company with the introduction of the famous Edsel.  The car was named after Edsel B. Ford, Henry Ford’s son, who died in 1943, before living out his entire life in his over controlling fathers shadow.  The Edsel was produced in many different body styles in 2 door and 4 door, Hard top and covetable and many models like the 1958  Citation, Corsair, Pacer, Ranger, Bermuda, Villager and Roundup.  It’s easy to see Edsel had High expectations for this car with the many models that were introduced in 1958.   By 1959 the Edsel was only produced in the Corsair, Villager and Ranger and by 1960 the Edsel was produced in only two models the Ranger and the Villager.  The Edsel, for the three years it was built 1958 -1960 turned out to be a huge failure as far as sales go.  The failure was mainly due to negative press about the look and the look itself, with its ugly horse collar front grille.  It was unexpected by Ford since they had invested many years of market research.  Their research told them that the public wanted fins, three tone paint and more horsepower, which Edsel delivered but the public just couldn’t get past the look.  That look is what drives the Edsel enthusiasts today and the low numbers of cars produced makes Edsel a valuable Collectors car.


calendar.jpgThis day didn’t exist, at least  in England in 1752.  The next 10 days did not exist either.  When England changed to the Gregorian calendar (named for Pope Gregory XIII) on September 2, 1752.   It was 11 days ahead of the Julian calendar (introduced by Julius Caesar in 46 BC), that was in use up until that time.  The people in a riot said the government stole 11 days of their lives.  You can look it up yourself if you would like to learn more about it.  This fact and because there isn’t much that happened on this day in history and just because I’m feeling lazy gives me a good excuse for not doing too many posts today.  Plus it’s labor day today, so enjoy yourselves.


porsche-and-son.jpgI said in a post a few weeks back that the Porsche 356 (bathtub) was always one of my favorite cars, so here is just a bit on the history of that car.  After World War II in 1948 the Porsche Firm moved to Austria and produced farm and industrial motors.   Ferry Porsche, son of Dr. Ing Ferdinand Porsche, designed and fabricated the first #356 car, model 356-001.  It was later raced at the Innsbruck city race, winning in the 1100cc class in its first outing.  In 1950 the factory was relocated to Zuffenhausen, Germany and history was made on this day September 1, 1950 when the first Porsche with a Porsche made engine was produced.  After an awesome win at Le Mans with the Porsche 356-002 in 1951, Porsche had proudly put its name in the history books.  The factory would produce nearly 80,000 Porsche 356 type’s till 1965.  The price for a 1952 coupe, $4,200, for a 1954 Super $4,400 and for a 1955 Speedster only $3,500.  Yes, I realize that was a lot of money back then but I sure wish I had then what I have now.  My own personal note is that I did own a 1972 914 (poor man’s Porsche) in my younger days.  Related to Porsche, when I lived in California I owned a VW Baja Bug for the dunes, I think it was a 1974 and also for the street, my favorite car I ever owned was a 1960 VW Beatle, man that was the best car in the world.  Although, you know if you’ve ever owned a VW, it is a love- hate relationship.  I do sometimes miss fixing something on that car every single day, especially the windshield wipers.  Ahh memories!  If you are looking for something a little newer, below from foreground to background: Porsche 718 RSK Spyder, a Porsche 718 RSK F1, Porsche 904, and Porsche 356B Abarth Carrera GTL



During World War II people as well as companies really did support the troops and the war effort in more than just words.  In fact U.S. automobile manufacturers stopped production of civilian cars in order to produce armaments during the war.  On this day August 30, 1945 the first post war Hudson, a pale green Super Six coupe rolled off the assembly line.  The car above is neither a 1945 or pale green but it is one fine piece of machinery, a 1946 coupe and the Hudson below is a 1937 Custom Eight.