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James Marshall Hendrix was born November 27, 1942 and died this day September 18, 1970.  You won’t find to many people that will argue that he was the greatest guitar player of all time. Thanks to a610 for the All Along The Watchtower video.  It’s just one of my many favorites.  Another one is pretty rare, it’s before the experience when he was with Lonnie Youngblood, its called She’s a Fox.  It’s a bit different, you can listen to it by scrolling down on the left in the black BOX.  You can also hear Bold as Love in that BOX. Tighten up your headband! enjoy


After his space ship crashes on a deserted island, Tony (Larry Hagman) finds an ancient looking bottle and out pops a gorgeous genie named Jeannie (Barbara Eden).  Jeannie had been trapped in her bottle for 2500 years and was more than excited and grateful to be released.  She blinks a helicopter into existence, Tony gets rescued and later he finds out he was not dreaming, Jeannie was real and wants to live with him.  I could never understand why Tony saw Jeannie as a problem but then again, I’m no poof, as they say across the pond.  As a young man watching this show growing up, how I wished I would have had a Jeanie.  I wouldn’t have even cared if she didn’t have any magical powers, although that would make things a lot more interesting.  The first show aired on this day September 18, 1965.  The first video from beachranger9847 is a short scene from the classic first episode, the second video from rangernomad001 shows Barbara Eden’s beauty.  My Barbara Eden post.  enjoy!


f-86-sabre.jpgThe F-86 Sabre started out as a straight wing jet fighter, the XJ Fury.  Incorporating technologies captured from the Germans, the F-86 Sabre would be the first swept-wing jet fighter for the US.  Because the pilot had to be in visual contact to shoot the enemy down with six 50 caliber machine guns, the F-86 was known as the last true dogfighter.  On October 1, 1947 the F-86 made its first flight and was delivered to the Air Force in 1948 and on this day September 15, 1948 an F-86A set the world aircraft speed record of 1080 kph.  The F-86 would rule “Mig Alley” over the Russian Mig-15 when it was introduced into the Korean conflict.  This jet is my personal favorite of all jets, although I am partial to the World War II fighters such as the Mustang. Thanks to fastfreddycz for a very good video.  This beautiful photo below is by Stuart Haigh at Top Jet Pix




I just received this in my e-mail and thought it was worth posting.  Pretty awesome creature!  I would show the polar bear attack I just received also but that would not be for the squeamish.


George H. W. Bush was a Naval Aviator flying a TBM Avenger torpedo bomber off the carrier USS San Jacinto (CVL-30) in the South Pacific.  On this day September 2, 1944 during World War II.  Bush and the squadron of Avengers he was with were conducting a bombing mission when they encountered heavy anti-aircraft fire.  Bush’s plane was hit but he managed to release his bombs before he and his crew members bailed out, sadly one of his crew members, Radioman 2nd Class John Delaney’s chute didn’t open and he perished, substitute gunner Lt. j.g. William White was also killed.  Four hours later a submarine crew rescued the future President.  He was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for his bravery in action.  Bush won three Air Medals as well as a Presidential Unit Citation.  Despite his squadron suffering a 300 percent casualty rate among its pilots, Bush flew 58 combat missions during the war.