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So Putin said Russia Will Be World’s Largest Millitary Aircraft Maker 

Thanks to AmericaMDCCLXXVI for the video.

Last week I read a couple of  articles and Here, on the net about the Russian Government selling some 250 Sukhoi-30 Long Range Fighter Jets to the Iranian Government.  The SU- 30 is not even close to the best Jet Russia has to offer, we should be glad Russia did not sell them any of the SU-47’s, well it wasn’t reported in the news anyway, but who really knows what Russia is selling the Iranians?   The SU -47 is one wicked looking jet fighter.  It’s just comforting to know that The United States has had a forward swept wing jet since 1984, the U.S. X – 29 below and who knows what else our government has in the works to protect our great country.  Unfortunately, the reality is that even our own forward swept wing U.S. X -29 was based on a Jet from World War II, the Junkers Ju 287 which was a German Luftwaffe aircraft begun in early 1943 and had it’s test flight on August 16, 1944.  It was a sort of Frankenstein’s monster, pieced together from several diffent aircraft. Including the nose wheels from two B-24 Liberators, a fuselage of an He 177 and the tail was constructed of Ju 388 parts.  Even then, the Soviets were closer to that project than the Americans.  The Germans had made 17 test flights with the Ju 287 V1 before the allies overran the testing airfield and captured the V1 and the nearly complete V2, and who do you think flew the V2?  Correct, the Soviet Union made a test flight in 1947, and the V3 with improvements failed to get off the drawing board.  My point isn’t that because these jets have forward swept wings it somehow makes them any more lethal, but you have to admit it does make them look futuristic, even if the design does go all the way back to 1943.  Thanks to Realpolitik1776 for the video.




genghis-khan.jpgТэмyжин, Temüjin, Genghis Khan, Pronounced: ( jeng’gis kän’ or, often, geng’-), was one of, the greatest military conquerors of all time.  In 1167 he was born the son of Yesukai, his Father a tribal chief,  in central Mongolia along the Onion River near Lake Baikal in Russia, into the Borjigin clan.  Some accounts say he was named Temüjin after an enemy of his Fathers whom Yesukai had a great deal of  respect for. When his Father was poisoned by a rival tribe, Temüjin was taken captive at just nine years old and before long escaped and returned to his tribe.  By working with other clans and conquering enemy tribes he gained a great deal of respect as a strong leader and was soon given the name Genghis Khan which meant “universal lord” or “rightful lord.”  Genghis was considered by many to be a military genius by the way he  organized his armies in multiples of ten, ten to a squad, ten squads to a company, and so on.  Read the rest of this entry »

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