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Very freaky, this will blow your mind. It was on “Americas got Talent” show.  This one is hard to figure out.  Thanks to cockneychamer for the video.

jesseowens.jpgSpeaking of sick cult leaders, no conversation or article would be complete on this subject without mentioning Adolph Hitler, who ironically was hosting the Olympics in Berlin on this day August 9, 1936 when  Jesse Owens won his fourth gold medal. 

Jesse Owens, the son of a black sharecropper from Alabama stole the show when he won his fourth gold medal in the 4×100 meter relay, after winning gold medals in his three individual events.  The fact that three other black Americans also won did little to please Hitler, but the applause from the German crowds for Owens was thunderous.  In 1935 at the Big Track and Field Championships, Owens equaled or set world records in four events, the 100 and 220-yard dashes, 200-yard low hurdles and the long jump. He was also credited with world marks in the 200-meter hurdles and 200-meter run.  Six world records in one afternoon, and he did it all in 45 minutes!  In 1976, Jesse was awarded the highest honor a civilian of the United States can receive. President Gerald R. Ford awarded him with the Medal of Freedom.   Several years later at the age of 66, Jesse Owens died on March 31, 1980.  Jesse Owens Official website.

chess.jpgOn this day  August 7, 1970 the first allcomputer chess tournament  was held in New York and won by CHESS 3.0 on a(CDC 6400)  a member of the CDC 6000 series, that was a mainframe computer made by Control Data Corporation.The program was written by Slate, Atkin and Gorlen at Northwestern University. Six programs had entered the first Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) North American Computer Championships. The event was organized by Monty Newborn. The other programs were DALY CP, J Brit, COKO III, SCHACH, and the Marsland CP.


The New Orleans Saints Football Season Begins NOW!

Time  4:46

Thanks to Rebelghost for the video.

Jake Brown loses his skateboard and falls almost 50 feet and slams onto the deck as his shoes explode off his feet from the impact.  He walks off almost unassisted and was taken to the hospital for evaluation.  He was attempting the first ever backslide 720, what ever the hell that is.  Thanks to Sundevil11 for the video.