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Rick Monday Saves The American Flag  Back when Americans loved America!

Thanks to lookhearsee for the video.

Car Bomb in Kirkuk also US Chopper forced down south of Bagdad  Jerusalem Post

Good Air No sound for Mine Rescue  AP Keep Praying

South Korean Hostages, The Forgotten Crises – Talks Begin for Hostage Release  Korean Times

Russia boasts buzzing US Base in Cold War style assertiveness  Washington Post  mess with the Bull, you gonna get the Horn sooner or later

Muslim Violence – Over 50 killed in Southern Philippines  msnbc  The Religiogion of Peace, Yeah Right!

No Foot and Mouth on third cull farm  Telegraph UK

Fattah Forces Infiltrating Gaza  YNet  I’m sure they are peaceful, and My name is John Wayne

IDF Ready to Battle Hamas at sea  YNet  I hope they are ready for the Russian Navy also

The Idiot Box seems to be reporting some News today, instead of looping the same story over and over.  In fact Sherriff Joe Arpaio was just on defending his “Report an illegal alien Hot Line”.  It seems He is one of the very few in power who actually do their Job.


sharon-tate.jpgThese days when you talk about a sick cult leader, your mind, at least my mind automatically goes to President AhmaGenocide (Ahmadinejad) with his sick under developed brain and the Jihad movement that follow him.  He is not the demon I am talking about, the sicko I’m talking about had his so called family kill the beautiful young lady to the left.  Sharon Tate on this day August 9, 1969.

Sharon Marie Tate was born January 24, 1943.  She was a rising American actress and model, she played small roles on  television in the 1960’s, before starting her film career.  Sharon’s celebrity increased when she married film director Roman Polaski.  May Sharon rest in peace and God bring comfort to her family.  Although there are literally thousands of photos of Sharon, this one caught my eye as being very dreamy.

About the sick cult leader, his name is Charles Manson, and as Forest Gump would say, that’s all I have to say about that.

South Korean Hostages, Taliban to Reject Tribal Elders’ Order Korea Times

Seismic Activity in Mine Rescue Effort  AP

Aug 8 Sabotage is suspected over foot and mouth  The Times

Iraq PM Maliki Arrives in Iran for Talks  Fox  That’s Comforting, We need to cut this Fool Maliki Loose.

Iran sees US plot to topple its leadership Yahoo  It beats the alternative Iran is leaving us.

Israel destroys synagogue near 2nd Holiest site  WND – Does Olmert “Think” he can appease Islam the unappeasable

Olmert: War with Syria not in the cards  YNet  Hope is Good, but don’t be Foolish and ignore reality

Terrorists teaming with drug cartels  Wash Times – But Hey, It doesn’t Matter if Our Borders are Wide F*(kin Open

US Set for Crackdown on Illegal Hiring  NYT  Only Two Decades Too Late

No “Bitch” No “Ho” NYC to ban words. NYT How Foolish. Our Country doesn’t Enforce Laws on the books now, why make Stupid ones?

And the Idiot Box Loops the Mine Story over and over and over and over and over and …ect.  Now That’s News!