Jean Seberg was born November 13, 1938 in Marshaltown, Iowa.  She died on this day September 8, 1979.  Jean was a beautiful, petit bright young actress in America and France, her debut film and one of her best known is Saint Joan  in 1957 (Joan of Arc), she was also remembered in a Peter Sellers film The Mouse that roared in 1959, and Breathless in 1959.  She has starred in thirty-four films, The Wild Duck in 1976jean-seberg.jpg being her last.  Unfortunately the legacy she left is far more dark and sad than the early life she led.  In the late 1960’s she put her celebrity behind causes she felt were just like support for Native American school groups and the NAACP.  Seberg was also in support of the Black Panther party, which was probably the beginning of her problems that would ultimately spiral downward leading to her death.  It was reported by Joyce Haber of the Los Angeles Times and also Newsweek magazine, that the FBI under the direction of J. Edger Hoover considered her a threat to America and had her under surveillance, even with wire taps on her phone.  Haber also reported that in 1970 when Seberg was seven months pregnant, the FBI made up a false story of her being impregnated by a member of the Black Panther party.  Jeans baby girl was born on August 23, 1970 but died two days later.  Seberg would state that the trauma of this event brought about premature labor and her child was still born.  She would sink into depression after this incident and became dependent on alcohol and prescription drugs.  She would attempt suicide more than once, even throwing herself under a train on the Paris Metro.  Jean’s problems would get even worse with her marriage to an abusive Algerian man named Ahmed Hasni.  She fled from him back to Paris and in August 1979 went missing.  She was found dead in the back seat of her car eleven days later.  Although her death was ruled an over dose of barbiturates and alcohol, questions persist to this day of the circumstances surrounding her death.  Jean was not even forty-one years of age.  The information about Joyce Haber’s reporting was taken from Wikipedia.