This day September 4, 1957 was proclaimed, E -Day by The Ford Motor Company with the introduction of the famous Edsel.  The car was named after Edsel B. Ford, Henry Ford’s son, who died in 1943, before living out his entire life in his over controlling fathers shadow.  The Edsel was produced in many different body styles in 2 door and 4 door, Hard top and covetable and many models like the 1958  Citation, Corsair, Pacer, Ranger, Bermuda, Villager and Roundup.  It’s easy to see Edsel had High expectations for this car with the many models that were introduced in 1958.   By 1959 the Edsel was only produced in the Corsair, Villager and Ranger and by 1960 the Edsel was produced in only two models the Ranger and the Villager.  The Edsel, for the three years it was built 1958 -1960 turned out to be a huge failure as far as sales go.  The failure was mainly due to negative press about the look and the look itself, with its ugly horse collar front grille.  It was unexpected by Ford since they had invested many years of market research.  Their research told them that the public wanted fins, three tone paint and more horsepower, which Edsel delivered but the public just couldn’t get past the look.  That look is what drives the Edsel enthusiasts today and the low numbers of cars produced makes Edsel a valuable Collectors car.