I lived on Cottonwood, she lived around the corner on Mt. Laurel.  Her nickname was (shougie) and she was my candy girl.  I still have this vivid memory, she was across the yard in this white Easter dress, her beautiful pale skinned face framed by her golden blond hair as the sunlight glistened through.  Her eyes separated me from the other boys in the pack I ran with, she gave me a smile and a very innocent ‘come here’ look, that just melted my shyness away.  Till this very day, when ever I here this song, that wonderful vision and memories come back.  Oh young love, how sweet it is.  The only problem was she had older brothers that were not only very protective of their younger sister, they didn’t seem to like me much.  Anyway the song is Sugar Sugar by The Archies and it was a chart topper this day September 3, 1969.  Thanks to silverstarshines  for the video.  O Shougie, Shougie Wherefore art thou Shougie?