peggylipton.jpgIf you do then you remember Peggy Lipton who played Julie Barnes on that television hit show from the late 1960’s.  Peggy was born this day August 30, 1946 as Margaret Ann Lipton in New York, NY USA.  She was modeling at age 15 and in Hollywood at age 17,   She was getting her share of acting jobs before she started on the show The Mod Squad, which gave her fame and a chance to meet a lot of the so called in crowd.  She explored some relationships with guys from Paul McCartney, Sammy Davis Jr., Keith Moon and even Elvis Presley.  Lipton did have success as an actress and was nominated 4 times for a Golden Globe award before in 1971 winning one in the category of ‘Best TV Actress in a Drama’.  She also had some success as a singer even hitting the Billboard Charts with three of her singles. Peggy married producer Quincy Jones and took a break from acting to raise their two daughters.  She has returned to acting since and has been in a number of well known movies such as Purple People Eater 1988, True Identity 1991, Twin Peaks: Walk of Fire 1992, The Postman 1997, and Jackpot in 2001 to name a few.  Although she and Quincy divorced in 1990, they still remain friends and in 2003 she appeared with her daughter Rashida Jones on stage in the play, “Pitching to the Star.”  Lipton was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2004 and has undergone treatment and appears to be in remission.  Peggy has been a contributor to a number of charities during her life, one of them being, Break The Cycle.