I do not believe I’ve given more thought about any other movie I have ever seen.  The movie is “The Last of His Tribe” from 1992, starring Jon Voight and Graham Greene who also starred in “Dances with Wolves.”  The movie is based on a book “Ishi in Two Worlds” by Theodora Kroeber, that is written of a real life event about a man Ishi, a Native American of the Yahi people who on this day August 29, 1911 was discovered near Oroville, California.  It is my personal experience and understanding that many people live in two worlds, one before a life changing event and the life after that event.  I don’t think anyone has lived or will ever live the type of two worlds Ishi experienced.  His first world or early life was with his family surviving in the wilderness of what is now known as California, his second world was far more different then he could ever imagine, civilization of the booming Twentieth Century.  When Ishi was noticed by the locals of the town he came into, he was taken into custody by a local sheriff for his own protection.  News spread about the so called “Stone Age Indian” which attracted the attention of Thomas Waterman an anthropologist from Berkley.  Waterman went to Oroville to meet Ishi and after a month of frustrating attempts to communicate with him, the two finally made a bit of progress.  Waterman took Ishi to live at the Berkeley University museum and their communication gradually improved.  Waterman eventually learned that Ishi was approximately 50 years old and was the last of his people.  The people of the Yahi tribe, a smaller band of the Yani tribe.  Waterman also learned that Ishi’s family died off through the years from accidents and disease until his last remaining male friend was murdered by a white man.  Ishi lived at the Berkeley museum for five years teaching Waterman about his life, while learning about life in his new world.  He and Waterman became close friends until March 25, 1916 when Ishi contracted tuberculosis and died.  As I briefly stated at the beginning of this write up, over the years I have reminisced about the events in the movie I viewed in 1992.  I now look forward to the two books I just ordered, Ishi in Two Worlds and Ishi, the Last of His Tribe.  Also here is a very good article about the story of Ishi, “ISHI: A Real-Life The Last Of The Mohicans.”  Enjoy