After 14 years of building the LaSalle in many different body styles, on this day August 26, 1940 General Motors Corporation discontinued the manufacturing of the automobile.  The LaSalle was a make that was started to sell cars at a price range short of the cost of a Cadillac, which was GM’s high end automobile.  The individual automobile makes fit specific price ranges, starting with Chevrolet then Oakland, Oldsmobile, Buick and Cadillac at the top.  Pontiac would fill the gap between Chevrolet and Oakland while the gap between Oldsmobile and Buick would be filled by Viking on the Olds side with an up market V8 and Buick was assigned the 6 cyl. Marquette.  In the 1920’s the price of Cadillac soared, leaving a gap between it and Buick to be filled by LaSalle.  If you’ve ever watched the show “All in the Family” or even heard the song.  At least for me, there has always been one line that was hard to figure out.  The line “Gee our old LaSalle ran great,” always stumped me as a young man until I learned about the LaSalle.  You can hear that song on the left in the black BOX, enjoy.