Just more proof of my wide range and love for music.  Here is my favorite song by Elvis Costello performing She on his birthday, he was born this day August 25, 1954 as Declan Patrick MacManus.  Other music giants who share his birthday today are Gene Simmons of KISS, born in 1949 and Rob Halford of Judas Priest born in 1951, two great Rock and Roll bands, also in 1962, Mazzi Rawd of Femme Fatale and  Vivian Canpbell of White Snake.  Thanks to marlasing04 for the video with the beautiful Julia Roberts, I had no idea this song was as well known as it must be.  I’m guessing that it is in a movie with Julia and also has something to do with the show Notting Hill?  I don’t watch many movies or much television.