She was crowned Miss Kansas in 1948 which prompted her move to Hollywood to begin her film career.  She was born Vera May Ralston on this day August 23, 1930 in Boise City, Oklahoma USA.  While working at Republic studios she changed her name to Vera Miles, the last name of her first husband, to avoid the name confusion with actress Vera Hruba Ralston who had been at Republic studios.  Her first film was The Charge at Feather River in 1953, soon after she was working with big name Directors such as John Ford and Alfred Hitchcock were she found herself sharing the screen with Janet Leigh on more than one occasion including the movie Psycho as she played Leigh’s Sister.  You may best remember her from Psycho II in 1983, playing her famous role protesting the proposed parole of Norman Bates (Anthony Perkins).  She made some television appearances and a number of early films when in 1964 she made a movie, A Tiger Walks, for Disney that led to a string of other Disney movies.  She continued her acting career and in 1995 she costarred with James Belushi in Separate Lives and is now retired.  She refuses any public interviews or appearances and maintains a low profile.  Some of her movies are The Charge at Feather River 1953, Wichita 1955, The Searchers 1956, Beau James 1956, Autumn Leaves 1956, The Wrong Man 1956, Psycho 1960, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance 1962, A Tiger Walks 1963, The Hanged Man 1964, Fire 1977, Brainwaves 1983, Psycho II 1983, Separate Lives 1994.