So many words are needed to describe the man (Plant) who celebrates his birthday today and no words are sufficient to describe the Man (Jesus) who Plant is singing about, in one of my favorite Led Zeppelin songs of all time, “In my Time of Dying.”  The vocals are by Robert Anthony Plant born this day August 20, 1948 in West Bromwich, West Midlands, England.  He is best known as the lead singer for the greatest Rock and Roll band ever, Led Zeppelin, IMHO.  Early in his career he performed lead vocals  with groups such as Listen, Band of Joy, and while performing in the band Hobstweedle at a Birmingham college, he was spotted by Jimmy Page and Peter Grant and was later offered the job as lead vocalist in a band with Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones and Plant would later introduce John Bonham in what would ultimately become a band named Led Zeppelin.  I could attempt at telling you more about his early career but I would fail in comparison to the websites that are on the internet.  As far as his career after Zeppelin, there was never any doubt who was singing no matter the big name company he performed with like Page, Jeff Beck or Phill Collins ect.  The amount of information, music and interviews I had to choose from was more than even I imagined.  The song I chose, was my first instinct when I read it was Plant’s Birthday and when I viewed the video made by HarrisonGoldtoe and saw the fantastic job he did, I knew my choice of song, over an interview and here, or any other song was correct.   The song “In my Time of Dying” was written and first performed by Blind Willie Johnson (1897 -1945) a black singer and guitarist from the depression era who played blues and gospel and who’s lyrics in all of his songs were religious, like this one about my Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ.   I hope you enjoy this video, I know I did!  Led -Zeppelin .comLed Zeppelin .comAchilles Last Stand