U.S. Labels Iranian Guard Terrorist  NYT  The war is coming, Pray †

U.S. Studying Two Dozen ‘Clusters’ of Homegrown Terrorists  abc News   I think we have more than just 2 dozen to worry about

U.S. agents aiding Islamist scheme  Washington Post  Trader’s should be dealt with as the law states

Obama’s comments on Afghanistan draw sharp rebuke   examiner  Left Spin never ceases to amaze me, It should read Obama’s comments AGAINST our Troops SHOULD draw even sharper rebuke

Sick Hostage Sacrificed Herself for Colleague  Korean Times  One selfless lady, The sick ones are the Islamists and the world has forgotten about the S. Korean Hostages

Syria still arming Hizbullah  Jerusalem Post  and the world remains in it’s slumber

Palestinian preparing to destroy Israel  Jerusalem Post  WAKE UP world

Chavez to Change Constitution for Perpetual Re-Election  FOX  Forces of Evil grows all around the world and no one hardly blinks an eye

Argentina moves into Chavez’s oil-ally circle  Washington Times  sleep with dogs, you get flees

The Idiot Box is showing heavy rain, lead paint recalls, space shuttle repair and old worn out footage over and over and over.