Drug cartel terrorist ties known since 2001  Washington Times  WTF, when will we seal the border and stop the threat to our citizens?

Taliban demanding $0.5 million for each remaining hostage, 19 being held, two men killed and two women freed ransom demanded $10 million   Korea Times   Just pure Evil

Hurricane Flossie Downgraded to Cat. 2  AP  have your swim flippers ready Kini

Quake shake things before Flossie’s arrival  CNN  Akua or Kapua (Hawaiian gods) must be pissed about something 

Operation Lightning Hammer targets Al-Qaeda and Iranian Shiite militias in Iraq  FOX  it’s about Time the US gets these killers

Syrian general mulling war with Israel  YNet  I told you yesterday that they are preparing for something, evil bastards

The Idiot Box is looking OK, They seem to be covering about 3 stories that they keep looping the same footage of. News for the Zombie in all of us