hotwheelscuda.jpgJack Ryan must have played with his or at least thought about playing with them well into his old age.  I’m talking about toys, get your mind out the gutter.  John W. “Jack” Ryan died on this day August 13, 1991.  He invented some of the most well known toys that are played with around the world.  Hot Wheels, Chatty Cathy and together with Ruth Handler reworked the design of the Barbie Doll.  He is also credited with about 90% of the toys that Mattel. produced.  Jack was born December 12, 1926, he was a Yale University graduate that went to work for the Pentagon as an engineer and designed the Sparrow 3 and Hawk missiles before he spent over 20 years at Mattel.  He was also the sixth of the many husbands of actress Zsa Zsa Gabor.