He revolutionized the way we work and at the same time the way we made it to work.  Henry Ford in 1901, entered and won a car race to win a $1,000 purse, but also the interest of investors.  So with $28,000 of investors money, the Ford Motor Company was born in 1903.  Ford with his ten workers built the first two cylinder Model A.  When Ford sold that vehicle to a local physician for $850, it became a hit.  The four cylinder Model B did not live up to the companies expectations, but the Model C certainly did.  Ford continued making improvements and naming his automobiles alphabetically and by the time he built the Model N, it was a total new design.  When he was ready to build his latest improved upgrade he was all the way up to Model S.  The next one that rolled off the assembly line on this day August 12, 1908 was the famous Model T.  When Ford introduced the Model T to the general public on October 1, 1908 it was so dependable it was nicknamed the “Tin Lizzie,” “Lizzie” at that time was a slang word used to describe a reliable servant.  The stripped down version minus a top, windshield and gas lamps sold for $850.