Her razor sharp teeth and powerful jaws, her massive legs with bird like feet, the long graceful tail that trails behind.   Sue is her name and she is the largest, most complete  best preserved fossil of Tyrannosaurus Rex ever discovered.  She  stands 13 feet high, 42 feet from her nose to the tip of her tail and has a massive 5 foot long skull.  She has more than 200 fossilized bones.  On may 17, 2000 The Field Museum unveiled Sue to the public.  She is named after Sue Hendrickson who was working on this day August 12, 1990 as a fossil hunter in the Black Hills of South Dakota.  Early in the morning her team discovered they had a flat tire on their truck.  While most of the team went to town to get it fixed and to take a short break, Sue stayed behind and made the discovery of a lifetime.  The Field Museum