marjorie-reynolds.jpgLife of Riley TV series which ran from 1953 to 1958 was probably Marjorie Reynolds most remembered role as she played William Bendix’s wife Peg.  Another well remembered role was in Holiday Inn with Bing Crosby where she showed off her singing and dancing talent.  She also stared with Bing Crosby in the classic White ChristmasShe  was featured in such silent films as Scaramouch in 1923 and Murder in Greenwich Village in 1937 was her first speaking role.  She also played  bit parts in many early movies including Gone with the Wind in 1939.  Reynolds was one of the Revolutionary War ghosts in the movie, The Time of Their Lives in 1946, an Abbott and Costello comedy.   She also played the heroine in many westerns in the late 1930s to early 1940s with cowboy heroes like Tim Holt, Roy Rogers and Tex Ritter.  She was born on this day August 12, 1917 in Idaho as Marjorie Bell Goodspeed, and died February 1, 1997.