Mine Rescuers Weigh Drilling Larger Hole  AP †  ease their pain- of the families

Video: Footage of terrorist killed in Old City released   Jerusalem Post   It is sad he did not Know the real Jesus

NASA to Look Closer at Gouge on Shuttle   AP   Lets hope NASA was smart enough to put a fix- it kit since the last disaster

Hostages- Last Minute Hitch Delays Release of Sick Captives for Another Day  Korean Times   The Qur’an does not allow Muslims to lie, it commands them to, it’s always lie after lie

Hezbollah buying land to attack Israel  YNet    what good has the UN ever been

Pakistan and Afghanistan to work together to combat Taliban and al-Qeada  msnbc   now that’s a thought, amazing it took them all this time to come up with this idea

Computer Glitch Causes Massive Delays at Los Angeles Airport   FOX   the airlines need a huge overhaul, even if this is not their fault

The Idiot Box is nonstop about the straw fair in Iowa for the Presidential race,  and it’s how many months off? 15? and Vegas odds are Hillary out front with Barack Hussein Obama a close second, (see comment above on the Qur’an and lies),  this world is doomed,  yes I like a bit of comedy with my tragedy