2nd Hole in Utah Mine detected little Oxygen  AP  †  Awaiting News  Conference

Dirty Bomb in New York alQaeda plot report on Web  YNet  Very Questionable 

No Free Speech for the Right in San Francisco  WND  They want to shut down Talk Radio

Mexico accused of framing border agent by withholding key witnesses could exonerate Border agent  WND It would not surprise me

Military Draft? Bush War Adviser Considering  FOX  It will make Charlie Rangel D-NY Happy

Taliban: Koreans could be released tomorrow USA Today  Only if some Muslim Trash is let out of Prison, and I still wouldn’t trust the Taliban

Hamas confirms establishment of ‘Navy’  YNet  Oh Joy!

Iraq militants bomb Sunni cleric home seriously wounding him, killing 3 of his relatives  Yahoo  another good man has more grief than he should, God bless him